For Flat, Curved & Sloping Roofs

For Flat, Curved
& Sloping Roofs

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We've waterproofed 180m SqM of roofs!

We've waterproofed
180m SqM of roofs!

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Aluminium Profiles

Roof Edge Profiles

Art-Line 1

Art-Line 1

Multi-piece rolled and additionally folded aluminium profile

  • Infinitely adjustable in all directions
  • Multi-piece rolled and additionally folded aluminium profile
  • Supplied with patented 4F-brackets as standard
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The TA-4F roof edge trim profiles come with patented 4F fixing brackets. 

  • Front face height series TA-4F: 150 - 200 mm
  • With patented 4F brackets
  • Height-adjustable, horizontally moveable, rotatable, angle-adjustable
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TW 125 Plus

TW 125 Plus

Two-part, corrosion-resistant extruded aluminium profile

  • Consists of 2.50m long TW 125 profiles with perforated fixing flange
  • The rigid perforated fixing flange is used to both prevent wind intrusion and absorb horizontal forces of the waterproofing 
  • It can cover facades and external thermal insulation composite systems for up to 120mm.
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T Plus

T Plus

2.5m long top caps for easy connection of various waterproofing membranes

  • Includes ready-to-install external and internal corners with 200mm long corner legs
  • Up to 3.0m long T-profiles in different front heights (­105, ­125, 150, ­175mm)
  • Rain resistant butt joints ensured by joining plates, permanently located at the centre of the join
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TAG Edge Trim

TAG Edge Trim

All TAG profiles come with a unique and patented 4F fascia mounting bracket which allows universal adjustment,

  • Allows free movement of all structural parts
  • Prevents splitting of the waterproofing caused by thermal expansion and contraction of differing materials
  • Ideal for new build and refurbishment projects
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TA Edge Trim

TA Edge Trim

TA Edge Trims can easily be installed over existing failing roof edges. 

  • Available in various profile finishes and colours, they are specifically designed to work with single-ply and felt membranes.
  • Fillet plates for in-line fastening as well as for protecting the roof waterproofing against wind uplift along the roof edge
  • Practically proven tension-free flashing against the roof waterproofing
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Wall Capping Profiles



MAK capping profiles form part of the roof waterproofing.

  • Light-weight, noncorrosive, recyclable
  • Available in pure aluminium, with colour coating or anodised
  • Various cross-sections
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MAG-6 / MAG-4

MAG-6 / MAG-4

Made of aluminium it is lightweight, non-corrosive and recyclable.

  • Industrially produced ready-to-install profile series (MAG, MAK) for all types of roof waterproofing (synthetic membranes or bituminous sheets). 
  • Strong fixing brackets / joint connections to meet building law requirements
  • Stackable levelling plates for alignment and cross slope creation
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Wall Flashing Profiles

WA 150

WA 150

Extruded multi-piece aluminium flashing profile, 150 mm high, EN AW-6060 T66

  • Create stunning architectural minimalist detailing with unmistakable design
  • Practically proven tension-free flashing for roof waterproofing
  • Specifically designed to work with single-ply and felt membranes
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alwitra® WA - 1 wall flashing profiles are universally applicable.

  • Made of aluminium, lightweight and noncorrosive, recyclable, with synthetic coating, if required
  • Compliant with standards and directives
  • With a front height of 150 to 275mm and hidden fastening for used roof areas
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Archdiocese of Liverpool
Coventry City Council
3D Reid
Balfour Beatty
InFrame Garden Rooms
Fife Council
Angell Thompson
Alec French Architects
Aloft Roofing & Leadwork
English Heritage
Glasgow Housing Association
Coomber Associates
Ashtree Roofing

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We have been alwitra® contractors for many years and have always been impressed with the results and reliability of the product. The customers…

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We have been an approved contractor for many years, the level of customer service and the quality of the products provided by ICB (Waterproofing) is…

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We have worked with ICB on several occasions and we would thoroughly recommend them for their high level of professionalism and efficiency. The team…

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OB Architecture

ICB provides an excellent service with all the professional back-up required at the development stage through to completion. The manner in which you…

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I am pleased to recommend ICB as Company, through my personal experience and that of my Business, for the following reasons: They are an easy Company…

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We believe, as one of your approved contractors, over the years we have had a great working relationship with yourselves. When working on projects…

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Best system on the market – VSK all the way!!!!!!


alwitra® is a lovely membrane when you have some detailing and gutters as you can go all the way through in a oner…


…that’s the beauty of this membrane, (you) can complete field sheet and upstand in one go, nice and tight and (a) crisp finish in the…

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This product has to be the most versatile single-ply system we have used. Unbeatable finish.

Lee Orchard

EVALON® VSK – such a quality and versatile membrane.

Lee Orchard

In my mind the best single-ply.


Can’t beat VSK


We find all the staff at ICB, friendly, helpful & knowledgeable.


EVALON® VSK! Surely the best single-ply waterproofing membrane ever produced! A++++


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